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Today I cover 3 things you DO NOT want to do If You Love Someone With OCD.  You can direct messaged to me on my Instagram account @ocdwhisperer or email me at info@korresults.com .

  1. Do not try to think your way out of OCD!  Using logic and rationale will only perpetuate the compulsive analysis cycle!  

    • Instead remind the person it is OCD flaring up and what OCD is.
  2. Do not provide incessant reassurance!  This will give momentary relief only to reinforce the OCD cycle and more questions will come up, even anger and a more desperate attempt to have certainty that everything will be OK.  
    • Instead lovingly and with warmth set limits of how much reassurance you will provide (we all do need reassurance sometimes).
  3. Do not accommodate OCD!  This will feed the cycle and make it last longer!
    • Instead create a step by step plan to reduce accommodations.


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You can find me on Instagram @ocdwhisperer and you can contact me at info@korresults.com and see my website www.korresults.com (website is being updated).

Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational purposes.  Though I am a licensed marriage and family therapist in California, this does not replace therapy. 

See you in the next episode!

Keep going.  Keep growing.  Keep glowing.

*Episodes come out out bi-weekly on Mondays.

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