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#1 Tip to help you: Response Prevention

  1. Once you are awake (regardless if it is middle of the night from a dream or organically in the morning) and the OCD related dream tries to hook you in, slow down for a second and get clear on what you are doing.  Are you doing ANY compulsions in ANY way?
  2. Once you get your conscious awareness to the present moment, interrupt your mental rituals!  And engage in behaviors that are opposite of your OCD urge.  Break it down into smaller steps if you need too for example: 10 min timer to challenge avoidance seeking behaviors or reassurance seeking behaviors or wanting to look something up on line.
  3. Repeat these steps often!  And stay with your Response Prevention Self Talk for a while if you need to especially if you are having a harder OCD flare up.  Your brain is a muscle and you have to keep practicing your new skills and reinforce them!  


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You can find me on Instagram @ocdwhisperer and you can contact me at info@korresults.com and see my website www.korresults.com (website is being updated).

Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational purposes.  Though I am a licensed marriage and family therapist in California & specialize in OCD and Anxiety Disorders, this does not replace therapy. 

See you in the next episode!

Keep going.  Keep growing.  Keep glowing.

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